Advanced Analytics: 1) “ Why the CFO Should ‘Own’ Analytics” (; 2-5) “Special Report:The Promise of Predictive Analytics” ( with 4 articles); 6) Finance Must Ramp up Role as Analytics Leader (

Operations: 7) “ Many successful CFOs play a role in operations ” (WSJ);  8) “The Rise of the operational CFO” (Forbes);              9) “CFOs Filling the COO ‘Vacuum'” (Financial Executives International) 10 “Double Duty: CFO as COO” , (; 11) “OIS for the Operational CFO” (Institute of Management Accountants’  “Strategic Finance”) 

Innovation:  12) “Are You Driving Innovation Value…or Stagnating?” (IMA’s “Strategic Finance” magazine); 13) “How to Drive Innovation” (Forbes);  14) “THE CFO’s Role in Driving Innovation” (WSJ)

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