OIS is a Collaboration: It is joint effort of two world class companies:  INSIGHT who implemented Dybvig’s IP in its flagship supply chain modeling product (used for both supply chain strategy and network design) and ZS Associates, a leading sales and marketing consulting firm.  INSIGHT develops the data for the COGS + G&A portion of the OIS model and ZS Associates the S portion.  This collaboration is required because neither firm had the expertise required for building an OIS model with its own resources.

INSIGHT, Inc. is a world leader in providing supply chain software and consulting services. Our commercial
and custom solutions are designed specifically to meet daunting challenges in a dynamic, global marketplace:
strategic supply chain design, strategic sourcing/outsourcing, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, optimal production plans and schedules, transportation procurement and operations, detailed facility operations analysis, and so on. We relentlessly focus on enabling our clients to outsmart their competitors and deliver verifiable bottom-line results.

ZS Associates is one of the world’s largest business services firms specializing in transforming sales and
marketing from an art to a science. We help clients gain market share at lower cost. We do so by creating data driven strategies that they can implement rapidly and by taking on sales and marketing operations to make them more competitive. With 20 offices around the world, we have worked with more than 700 companies in 70 countries across consumer products, energy, high-tech, insurance, medical products and services, pharmaceuticals and other industries. ontact: Glenn Sabin, Office Managing Principal, Princeton NJ, 609 419  3849 or

Dybvig Consulting is a boutique firm specializing in the integration of two analytical approaches to solve just one business problem. Specifically, the application of predictive analytics and prescriptive techniques to create an optimized income statement (OIS).  The client’s OIS maximizes  the ROI of its total sales and marketing expenditures which simultaneously optimizes the forecast for maximum profit and the supply chain for optimal feasibility. Further, when an OIS is conceptualized as an enterprise “master plan,” it assures all the applicable planning applications are executing to the maximally profitable forecast and optimally sustainable and feasible supply chain. See OIS Details: Other Annual Planning Applications

Contact: Alan Dybvig, Managing Partner, 609 947 2565 or