OIS has both Functional Benefits and Process Benefits

 Process Benefits:

Functional Benefits

  • Finance, OIS
    • creates the maximally profitable forecast for the annual plan. See more details.
    • improves the forecast process and results. See more details
    • integrates the strategic plan with the annual plan.  See more details.
    • maximizes the profit opportunity of a proposed M&A deal.  See Wiley’s  Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance article titled : “Next generation Analytics for M&A and Private Equity”
    • does not disrupt or replace any of the enterprise’s currently installed operational and financial planning and execution systems (e.g., FP&A, S&OP).  OIS runs “in the background,” supporting the initial annual planning activities.
  • Sales and Marketing, OIS:
    • maximizes the ROI of Total Sales’ and Marketing’s Expenditures.  See more details.  See Wiley’s  Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance article titled Maximizing ROI of Sales/Marketing expenditures with demand driven planning
    • enhances Marketing’s Contribution to the Firm’s Financial Performance.  See more details.
    • enhances marketing mix modeling applications for firms with them installed:  See more details
  • Operations, OIS:
    • designs the optimally feasible annual supply chain to make and fulfill the new forecast. See more details
    • redesigns the strategic supply chain as a part of the strategic plan, making it truly optimal.  ALL of today’s supply chains have been, to a greater or lesser degree, sub-optimally designed. This is because the assumption of a fixed forecast has always been relaxed descriptively (What will happen if we do X?) and not prescriptively (What is the best possible X?).  For the first time, it is now possible to relax it prescriptively.
    • redesigns the supply chain for optimal sustainability.  See more details.
    • can address the troublesome operational issue of the Omni-Channel, optimally.  See more details
    • can address the troublesome operational issue of sku proliferation, optimally. See more details
  • S&OP, flexible OIS
    • makes available to the entire firm, including sales, marketing, operations and finance, a significant, new monthly planning report: a flexible OIS.  It will substantially improve the S&OP process. See more details