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OIS  is a new embodiment of two of  the Institute of Management Accountants’ fundamental premises:  usefulness of modeling and Finance’s leadership role within the firm.

This web site describes how, by integrating three existing, commercially successful advanced analytic capabilities into 1)A single model, an Operational Income Statement (OIS) model can be created. It allows Finance to move from monitoring the firm’s expenses to guiding the management of the operations that caused those expenses assuring, 2) Significant operational and financial performance improvements.  In so doing, 3) OIS modifies significantly the traditional, budgeted Income Statement process, assuring, in addition, significant process improvements.

If your firm’s culture is incompatible with these premises, and with Finance taking a leadership role in driving cross function change, then OIS may not be for you.  Give me a call to determine whether there is a fit.  609 947 2565 Alan Dybvig