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The author co-authored 2 articles with Gary Cokins in 2017

  1. OIS for the Operational CFO” published in Institute of Management Accountants magazine, “Strategic Finance”, February 1, 2017

  2. Enterprise Optimization: A New Application,”  published in INFORMS magazine,”OR/MS Today,”  June, 2017

Before the author came to understand OIS as an operational income statement, he published a total of 5 articles in Wiley’s Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance characterizing  OIS from five different perspectives. They include:

  1. Activity-based budgeting

  2. CFO and advanced analytics

  3. Maximizing ROI of Sales/Marketing expenditures with demand driven planning

  4. Next generation analytics for M&A and private equity

  5. Extending true optimization from the balance sheet (stock variables) to the income statement (flow variables).